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  Topic: Weather

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Sun, 11.05.17 3:29 pm   Subject: Weather
The weather this weekend was impeccable. It was a great weekend to have an outdoor event. Cyclocross!
  Topic: And we're back

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Fri, 03.03.17 12:22 pm   Subject: And we're back
We back.
  Topic: 2015 Summer League Predictions presented by Killa Cam

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Wed, 07.29.15 7:21 am   Subject: 2015 Summer League Predictions presented by Killa Cam
1. Andrea/Royal Blue 7-1 +14
1. Andrea/Royal Blue 9-1 +26
Note to Captains:
If you insist our ladies play savage, then your team will be power-pointed to spare them from playing more than necessary ...
  Topic: hey jacob sign up for summer league

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Tue, 06.02.15 10:11 am   Subject: hey jacob sign up for summer league
Thanks. Guys, they read the surveys and serve our needs.
  Topic: Save puppies, drink beer

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 05.25.15 10:44 am   Subject: Save puppies, drink beer
Link broke.
  Topic: Joke time

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Thu, 03.05.15 10:50 pm   Subject: Joke time
-1, Picture or it didn't happen.
  Topic: WL 2015 Predictions

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Thu, 01.08.15 11:26 am   Subject: WL 2015 Predictions
cam's link is inaccurate. Go to our website and under winter league:

His predictions, facts, and general statements are also inaccurate ...
  Topic: Fayetteville City sales tax election

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Mon, 10.20.14 1:08 pm   Subject: Fayetteville City sales tax election
I have noticed lots of politics signs. Do we vote for something soon? Bitler what do we need to pick on the voting card for ideal result(s)?
  Topic: Summer League 2014 Schedule

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Sat, 08.16.14 8:45 am   Subject: Summer League 2014 Schedule
Today's Predictions:
I drink Champagne.
Bustin drinks smoky scotch at home.
Wes sleeps through the tourny.
Kaplan/Abegamb never sub out.
We'll reminisce at the pool party about the skating rink. ...
  Topic: Ongoing Funny Quote Wall - Leave Your Quotes

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Tue, 08.05.14 8:37 pm   Subject: Ongoing Funny Quote Wall - Leave Your Quotes
I fuck sinks! I fuck sinks! Sinks and goats are different animals.
  Topic: Worlds Update

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Tue, 08.05.14 8:35 pm   Subject: Worlds Update
Day 2: Came out sluggish against a Ukrainian team (insert geopolitical joke here) in our first game and went down 0-3. Clawed back to even but lost on ultimate point even though we started on O.

We ...
  Topic: Worlds Update

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Tue, 08.05.14 6:44 am   Subject: Worlds Update
Those guys don't look Chinese.
  Topic: Summer League 2014 Cam Stats

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Wed, 07.30.14 8:53 am   Subject: Summer League 2014 Cam Stats
Can we get an unsticky? Cam choking away a game on ultimate point that his team led 7-0 is only so riveting... besides it's just Summer League.
  Topic: "It's just summer league"...

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Thu, 07.03.14 3:13 pm   Subject: "It's just summer league"...
Play Kan Jam.
  Topic: Summer League Teams..League starts at 6:00 Tuesday, June 17

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PostForum: Forum   Posted: Tue, 06.17.14 11:43 am   Subject: Summer League Teams..League starts at 6:00 Tuesday, June 17
Summer League Predictions
10. Clay
First thought: I doubt my team finishes last. Then read up the page and...
2. Clayton
That's not right either. Ugh.
5. Will
Maybe this team is ranked too l ...
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