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Summer League Teams 2016   
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PostPosted: Sun, 06.12.16 9:17 pm    Post subject: Summer League Teams 2016 Reply with quote

Welcome to the Justice League. Next to the captain's name is the superhero (or villain) associated with their team.

Adeeb Haroon / Black Canary
Ben Bridgeforth
Chad Howard
Gage Lance
Grady Finley
Jake Lance
Jared Hines
John Schmucker
Sheldon Shinn
Wes Axtell
Will Tucker
Amythyst Osborne
Ben Morgan
Sadie Callison
Vikki Lyda

Allegra Hanson/Flash
Brody Dobson
Clayton Adams
Colorado Harris
Jerry Etheredge
Joe Fritzjunker
Justin Adams
Kyle Mathews
Omar Abdelaziz
Parker Guy
Randy Ayers
Reuben Heppler
Casey Cromer Stewart
Haley Clanton
Katie Gittings
Zane Ayers

Clay Mohr/The Joker
Austin Culp
Chris Robertson
Derek Carter
John Hill
Jon Perry
Nate Hastings
Ryland Arnold
Travis Lorton
Zac Mendez
Brittney Mohr
Hannah Cole
Helen Ames
Luke Kamke
Sam Brooks

Drew Hutchison/Wonder Woman
Andrew Taylor
BoB Lee
Casey Hooper
Doug Behrend
Dustin Baucom
John Cloyed
Jon Bitler
Tony Monroe
Vitaliy Madyankin
Andrea Ritchie
Grady Gottschalk
Kristen Underland
Lisa Gregory
Nathan Monroe

Elaina Carter/Aquaman
Dan Sines
Dylan Carter
Gavin Trogdon
Jonah Rapert
Neil Roysten
Nick Dorothy
Stephen Freuh
Toad Erickson
Walker Jouett
Will Dockery
Gabriel Giarrantana
Jana Doege
Kele Estes-Beard
Veronic Dockery

Jody Ayers/Green Lantern
Abe Coffin
Barry Hart
Dalton Mccall
Jeremiah Thacker
Joe Sagen
John Shaw
JP Dicky
Justin Schoebaum
Matt Nowak
Ryan Huslig
Aidan Ayers
Daniel Thacker
Devon Wallace
Heather Ayers
Kathrine Thacker

Kara Dickemann/Batman
Charlie Adams
David Shuler
Drew Taylor
Eric Barnett
Flex Coreas
Henry Darnell
Jesse Darr
Lorenzo Bohl
Pat Randall
Stefan Bachrod
Zac Linn
Hannah Bohl
Lydia Campbell
Rosemary Mittal
Sophie Houin

Kyle Dyer/Superman
Andrew Graves
Aric Powers
Gary Ritter
Grant Strobel
Michael Vann
Nelson Butler
Ross Fondren
Taylor Stamps
Thomas Baker
Chelsey Dyer
Maggie Powers
Morgan Ankrom
Whitney Koenigseder

Maddy Brown/Deathstroke
Charles Wright
Charlie Luu
Corey Duncan
Curtis Asher
Evan Johnson
Jackson Beaulieu
Jones Clemons
Joseph Herzog
Matt Parisi
Matthew Gentry
Brittany Strettmeiter
Lee Porter
Sara Pack

Mary Gentry/Robin
Ben Mills
Chris Flores
Derek Helwig
Ethan Penner
Jacob Moore
James Trowbridge
Joe Bell
Nick Kordsmeir
Sam Borgstadt
Storm Clark
Wayne Ramsey
Amy Lee
Brandy Jackson
Cambre Richer

Sam Franklin/Green Arrow
Andrew Hastings
Cam Umbarger
Derek Brandon
Eli Nehus
Eric Olson
Lennon Dycus
Levi Schroder
Spencer Patterson
Zachary Etheridge
Felicia Taylor
Hadley Patton
Laura Barber
Laura Brewer
Sowmya Sivakumar

Will Sharp/Cyborg
Abe Gambert
Chris Andrews
Eric Kearney
Isaias Santillano
Josh LeMasters
Logan Milller
Nate Allen
Wesley Hughen
Will Ramsey
April Johnson
Courtney McClain
Elise Franke
Ellen Starms
Holly Allen
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Cam Wow

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PostPosted: Mon, 06.13.16 11:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's that time of the year again ladies and gentlemen! Man defense is back, forehand hucks are rolling from sweaty fingers, and the fair-weather ultimate fans are back on the scene. This year we have 12 teams, each with its own special superheroes. Some teams are fast, some teams are experienced, and some teams win boat races. For these predictions, I'm ranking based on how I think that they'll end up at the end of the regular season. So...without further we go...

Summer League 2016 Predictions

1) Wonder Woman captained by Drew

This team has a good mixture of athleticism and experience. Drew, Andrea and Andrew Taylor will provide the athleticism centered around Casey Boy, while Dr Doug, Bitler, Bob Lee provide a great supporting cast of experience to go along with it. This team is deeper than Justin Schoenbaum's future cuts for Abe Coffin.

2) Green Arrow captained by Sam Franklin

Sam's strategy: Young, fast, and defense. If you don't run hard, you don't make Sam Franklin's team. Spencer Patterson is only a freshman at JBU and he's already the ringer for a Summer League team. Cameron and Spencer have began a good chemistry on the field of recent, and that will continue to grow after this league. Lmac and Cam should have mismatches to throw to all season, and combine that with the shutdown defense this team plans to run, and I think they got a chance to take the championship. One name you don't know yet, that you certainly will soon.....Levi....Schroeder.

3) The Joker captained by Clay

Solid, solid, solid. Derek Carter, Austin, Clay, Hannah Cole, T Rav. This team is going to do well. Expect this team to run a good zone defense even in a summer league with less wind. Question is, can a team led by Clay survive without the boom box?

4) Cyborg captained by Will Sharp

A lot of these upcoming teams are hard to rank higher than the other, but Will gets the nod from historical performance as a captain, and the fact his super hero is Cyborg. No way I'm putting Cyborg lower than 4. A Will Sharp team is a lot like a Jody Ayers first glance the team doesn't look as deep, or like it has as many top talent players as some others, but it never matters because of who is captaining. That's not to say Will didn't draft a good team, because he certainly did...I guess I'm just saying he does a good job of getting every ounce out of his team that he has (like Jody does).

5) Batman captained by Kara

Drew Taylor is a monster, and this team has a supporting cast that could make a real run. It'll come down to how well the bench plays, some of them will have some tough match ups against opposing teams.

6) Robin captained by Mary

7) Deathstroke captained by Maddy

Not a bad team, just not a great one either. They'll win some they shouldn't, and lose some they shouldn't, and it'll all pan out at the end of the season putting them right where they should be. Smack dab in the middle of the pack.

8 ) Green Lantern captained by Jody Ayers

Abe and Jody won as Green Lantern once didn't they? Well they won't again. Jody showed at ADA he can't lead a less talented team to a Finals EVERY time. Doubt has set in. I'm beginning to wonder if Jody reads these predictions in his huddles to fire up his team.....

9) Black Canary captained by Adeeb

Adeeb has been killing it on the ultimate field recently. Unfortunately it's hard to kill it on the ultimate field when all of the hucks are going out of bounds. Laughing

10) Aquaman captained by Elaina

It's ironic that before the draft I thought Aquaman should be a slow team, and that sure enough is exactly what occurred. Elaina, Dylan is fast, but why do that to a man you love? Why? Whyyyy?!?

11) Superman captained by Kyle Dyer

Just like Clark Kent, the JBU summer league team is as boring as they come.

12) Flash captained by Allegra

I only know four guys on this team total. I'm not kidding. Shocked
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PostPosted: Mon, 08.14.17 6:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This post got 2,854 god damned views and only one comment???
woot (. Y .) hootie
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PostPosted: Tue, 06.05.18 10:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

just skipped right over 2017 SL, huh?
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